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Item: KSCaptainsCastlePSV
The Captain`s Castle Swing Set

Construction: "Lifetime-guaranteed preserved wood" covered with a vinyl sleeve and caps composed of discarded plastic for maintenance-free and splinter-free finish, with stainless steel hardware.

Towers: 4`x8` Double Deck
Tower Connectors: N/A
Slides:10` Waterfall Slide, 7` Super Spiral Slide
Climbers: 5` Ladder, 7` Full-Width Rock Climbing Wall
Roof Type: Plastic
Swing Bar: 3-Position Monkey Bar
Rides: Trapeze, Belt Swing, Plastic Glider, Hammock Swing
Fun Add-Ons: Telescope, Tic-Tac-Toe

Border Needed:114`
Rubber Mulch Needed: 2 tons
Wood Mulch Needed: 8 cu. yds.
Weed Guard Needed: 812 sq. ft.
Total Space Needed: 28` x 28`

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